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March marks 2 years in business as Dayna's Textiles. It all started when the Pandemic hit in 2020 and I was furloughed from my graphic design job. For years I had dreamed of designing my own textile patterns for products that I sell. I got the courage to jump back into the art scene after taking a break for 10 years. I felt very out of touch on everything from the trends, to designing and handpainting. I started an Instagram account and started following other Textile Designers, and also found a few groups on Facebook to join to get inspired and learn. Lastly I decided to reach out to a friend, teacher and mentor, Paula Becker, a well known Fiber Artist and Textile Designer. I owe everything to her for giving me the confidence and mentorship I needed to start designing again. Through her I have grown as an artist and have connected back into the art community. I realized what I was missing; missing a part of my soul. This has brought so much joy and opportunities I would have never even figured. In these 2 years I have started my own ETSY store, sold products in 5 stores on the Cape, sold products at the Rockland Farmers Market and Rockland Fall Festival, I am a new member of the 4th Floor Artists of Rockland, and was featured in Cape Cod Life magazine. I have found USA Printed vendors to help make the products I offer. One of my missions as an artist is to keep things USA Printed to help support what is left of our textile manufactering. You can buy products such as wallpaper, bedding, blankets, pillows, aprons, tea towels, bath products, mugs, baby nursery products. I am also open to commision work too, and have had the opportunity to do a few commision designs. Below i have listed some websites to check out;

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