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Founded in 2020 by Dayna Hartford. A Cape Cod native and South Shore Massachusetts Textile Designer. Dayna's brand features nautical New England designs and products. She also works with businesses and home owners designing custom patterns for their unique spaces. Lastly she designs patterns for the Home Fashions Industry. You can contact Dayna for your next project through the commissions tab above. 

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Featured in

Cape Cod Life Magazine

Women in Focus

April 2021 Issue


With the nautical home decor customer in mind, much consideration and thought is put into each design with content and color schemes, that will work in your home or business. Dayna's original watercolor paintings make these products an original work of textiles. All intricately hand painted watercolor and pen and ink drawings are delicately colored in Dayna's in-house design studio, before sending to expert American Made printers and manufactures to create the finished home decor and wallpaper you see today. 

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